Asotin County Democrats

State Committeemember


Bill Parsons

Our meetings are open to the public.  The next meeting is

Saturday, July 27, 2019
9:00 a.m.

Jawbone Flats Café, 6th and Sycamore, Clarkston


Emily Ashby

State Committeemember

Our Goal

The goal of the Asotin County Democratic Central Committee is to promote Democratic principles through building community coalitions, keeping the community updated on current affairs, as well as educating and empowering voters by recruiting, supporting, and electing effective and ethical candidates.

If you are interested in getting involved with our association, please come to our monthly meetings or contact us for more details.


Peggy Hayden-Gary

Donations are essential to our mission.  Your help goes a long way toward making every event a successful one! Donations are collected at monthly meetings.  In addition, you can donate via PayPal, or send a check made to the Asotin County Democratic Central Committee:

Asotin County Democrats
601 3rd Street #235
Clarkston, Washington  99403

Be a Precinct Committee Officer!

Want to be involved in the Democratic process? Become an elected Precinct Committee Officer (PCO) for Asotin County!  The ACDCC is accepting volunteers to be appointed PCOs for Asotin County. These positions are not elected, but still offer an opportunity for you and your precinct to be represented at the local, legislative, and state level. Read below for more information about the role of a Precinct Committee Officer and contact us if there are any questions and if you are willing to volunteer for this important position.

PCOs play an important role in electing Democrats into offices by educating undecided and swing voters and registering voters. Before elections they work to turn out voters and get them to the polls.

Not only are PCOs part of the grassroots election process, they also help form local Democratic organizations by voting for local party leadership; they bring the voices of their neighbors to the party leaders, and help run their precinct caucus every two years.

​There are two ways to become a PCO:  election by the voters in your precinct, or appointment by your local Democratic Party organization.


Democratic voters in each precinct will elect PCOs in the August Primary. A candidate who runs unopposed will be automatically elected; contested elections will appear on the primary ballot. PCOs elected in August will take office on December 1st. All candidates for PCO must file with their County Elections office in the third week of May and reside in the precinct in which they want to be elected . The Asotin County Auditor/Elections Office is located at: 135 2nd St.  Asotin, WA. 
A printable declaration can be found here.

Once your declaration is made, democratic voters in each precinct will elect PCOs in August during the primary.  If you are running unopposed in your precinct, you are automatically elected but if your precinct is being contested, your name will appear on the primary ballot. Once elected, you will take office on December 1st.


Local Democratic Party organizations have the right to appoint PCOs to fill any seats left vacant - either because no one filed to run, or because the elected PCO has stepped down. If your precinct is vacant, the Chair of your local Democratic Party organization can appoint you to serve as an "appointed" PCO starting immediately!

For more information and an online copy of the PCO brochure, please visit the
Washington State Democrats website.

Register to Vote!

Did you know that in Washington State, you can register to vote at the age of 17 if you will be 18 on or before Election Day? Did you also know that Washington has made it super simple to register to vote or to update your registration?

If you are registering for the first time or need to make some changes, there are three ways to become a registered voter in the state of Washington:

​1. You can register and make changes any time of the day or night by going to
Washington's MyVote website. In order to register online you will NEED to have a current Washington State driver's license or State ID card.

2. You can register by mail by clicking this link and downloading the form in your preferred language. Once completed, you mail the form to your county auditor - the addresses are on the back of the registration.

3. You may also choose to register in person. Simply go to the Auditor's Office to register:


Asotin County Auditor

135 2nd St. / PO Box 129
   Asotin, WA  99402-0129

Office Hours:  7:30 AM—5:30 PM
Phone:  (509) 243-2084